Our customers

Our customers are Small and Mediums Sized firms, large groups, associations and colleges : our customers

Among our customers :

  • 3 Suisses International
  • Afegi
  • APEI
  • APM
  • Arfec
  • Arvato
  • Bonobo Jeans
  • CNCC
  • Cofidis
  • Contentia
  • Decathlon
  • Direxi
  • Ecole Centrale de Lille
  • Eco TLC
  • Edhec
  • Ensait
  • EscudiéFermaut
  • France Télévisions
  • Germe
  • General Electric
  • Google
  • Grameen Bank
  • Groupe Auchan
  • Groupe Beaumanoir
  • HEC
  • Humanis
  • ID Group
  • Jacadi
  • Jaqk
  • Kiabi
  • La Sauvegarde du Nord
  • Les papillons blancs
  • Mobivia
  • Okaïdi
  • PartenordHabibat
  • Publicis ETO
  • Skema Business School
  • Smeno
  • Voyages Loisirs


But also artists and art companies :

  • Bernadette A
  • Compagnie Jean-Erns Marie-Louise
  • Compagnie Zaoum
  • Tiphaine Cattiau

Testimonials :

Gérard Mulliez

« After having created and directed the Auchan group, I not only wanted to transmit my experience to managers and leaders, but also convictions and values; the company has an important role to play in our world today because we face and have to manage major ecological, social and societal issues.

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Our companies must have what I call "sustainable performance". Sustainable performance involves harmoniously combining economy, ecology and humanism

With this in mind, I created the institute Fontaine, surrounding me with renown and passionate experts and professionals. This institute is an area for research, forecasting and exchange. Here's how I met Olivier Berut who proposed the implementation of the Chinese model of "Five Actions" in companies.

During my career as manager and director, I have seen a lot of methods and management tools. I think Olivier’s approach is really interesting. It "speaks" clearly to everyone (employee, manager, director, shareholder but also the customer). It is simple to understand because it makes common sense. It is easy to use because it proposes concrete actions. It also has many application areas: management, strategy, organization, creativity, but above all, it considers the company as a living organism, interdependent and this approach meets my idea of sustainable performance.

Among the various ideas explained byOlivier Berut in this book, some of them really touched me. I believe shareholders should see their businesses in the long term with a strong social, societal and environmental responsibility. I think the director is a key figure in our organizations. I believe that an organization that creates no value has no future. Finally, I believe that men and clients are the encoder of our companies. I especially like the idea that the manager (Olivier Berut called "the fire of his team") is the guardian of the joy of its employees and its customers.

Re-reading his book allows you to take "one step aside" and seeing his passion with another look. It helps you to ask the right questions and dares you to give truly innovative answers. It is therefore listedamong other approaches in what seems to me to be necessary to invent sustainable management - needed to serve our businesses -themselves to the service of humanity. »

Introduction of the book l’entreprise en Cinq Agir

Auchan (Copier) Gérard Mulliez - Founder Group AUCHAN

« The intervention of Olivier Berut at our executive’sseminar on" innovation and collective intelligence” was very clear and gave us the opportunity to exchange in a constructive way. At the time, Lutti was going through some major history changes and operating processes »

LUTTIBlandine Pessin - Directrice Générale de LUTTI

Jean Duforest

« In Creativity and Innovation, Olivier Berut - researcher in meaning andcoach in change, goes through the known and unknown grids with intelligence and sensitivity allowing everyone to adapt to their environment, to resolve conflicts or to set up a winning strategy, to dare to act by innovation, to break free of their beliefs, to visualize a solution to better incorporate and to accomplish it.

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As an entrepreneur, I share the belief of the need of dreams, desire, confidence to dare to act today, to undertake and to succeed in life.

Olivier Berut proposes a detour via Chinese Thinking, Yin, Yang, where it appears that opposing elements seem to be a source of creativity. Going through the symbolism of the Five Elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water), all complementary to create harmony, Creativity and Innovationconcern both the company as the individual.

Willingly I admit the symbolic vision of this book, the synergy between paradoxes, a source of creativity to act. Beyond harmony presented as a final goal in Creativity and Innovation, my preference is the collective commitment of all towards meaning and dissimilarity greater then ourselves.

As an economic actor looking to “initiate to make the world progress” to serve mankind, I wish to transmit an ambition of shared responsibility on a social, societal and environmental level. Our paradoxes faced with dissimilarity of meaning are indeed a source of vitality and creativity.

Thank you Olivier Berut to give complexity his place, to recall the richness and creative energy of diversity of talent in every human community.

Also, thank you Olivier Berut to accompany people in the recognition and revival of their ability to choose their own way of life, and thus to contribute to the progress of all of us. »

Introduction of the book Créativité et Innovation

Jean Duforest - PDG IDGROUP

« J’ai rencontré Olivier la première fois en 2004 à l’occasion d’un entretien d’embauche à Cofidis. Lors de cet entretien, j’ai très vite relevé le grand équilibre d’Olivier entre imagination et rationalité, entre créativité et rigueur. Cet équilibre : cerveau droit, cerveau gauche, qui m’a frappé, est rare chez un individu. Nous l’avons recruté. 

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Pendant six ans nous avons fonctionné en proximité et j’ai pu suivre Olivier dans les différentes missions qu’il a tenues avec bonheur tant à Cofidis qu’à 3SI.

En synthèse, je peux témoigner qu’Olivier est un humaniste qui sait écouter, accompagner, coordonner, inventer, anticiper. Il est totalement imprégné de l’époque dans laquelle nous vivons. Il vibre avec l’évolution de la société et ses technologies nouvelles, internet en particulier. C’est un créateur complet. »

CofidisFrançois Migraine - Ancien PDG COFIDIS/3SI (2002 – 2010)

« After the death of my co-founder partner, with the help of Olivier Berut, a management team was put in place on the bases of the complementarity of the 5 Chinese elements and his managerial proposals. A few years later, it still works and we managed to keep up our company of 30 people whilst having changed paradigm. Olivier thank you »

Escudié FermaultJean-François Fermaut - Associated Architect, Co-founder and Managing director ESCUDIE FERMAUT ARCHITECTURE

« Olivier BERUT intervened at our financial subsidiaries Direxi et CONTENTIA to support vision approach, team building and management reinforcement. His experience, his creativity and his sharp attention focused on being human were precious ! »

ArgosynEric Platiau - General Manager ARGOSYN

« Oliver knows to play the “storytelling” and humour with virtuosity. Add to that a sincere authenticity animated with passion and the result can only be a thorough transmission of information. He knows how to communicate “heart to heart”.

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His interventions on cultural differences and on transformation projects are all the more relevant as they come from real life experiences and testimonials earned over the years. Playful efficiency. »

GE-Capital (Copier)Thierry Willième - CEO  GE CAPITAL FRANCE

« Right from our first business meeting, Olivier’s interventions were productive and constructive. He fully understood the on-going issues and he reacted with a methodical and controlled approach bystrengthening andrealizing an innovation culture in each of the BU’s of the Mobivia group.

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During our meetings, Olivier made the different actors aware of the importance of elimination phases. This because they are necessary not only to get to know eachother but also to break the barriers created naturally by a strong name culture (silo management). With these inspiring methods, the Venturi group strengthened cohesion favoring creativity. These working sessions mainly revolved around two main axes :

  • Efficient action to upgrade the diffusion of the innovations to the BU’s.
  • Participating in creative brainstorming sessions to develop new growth drivers.

Finally, Olivier helped us creating the dynamics of innovation within the Mobivia Group. »

Mobivia (Copier)Jean-Luc Dony - Managing Director MOBIVIA Groupe

« Olivier Bérut and KATALYZ have brilliantly accompanied the SIA Group. The SIA Group wanted to take the challenge to organize and promote the rules of Good Living Together in an innovative building lodging 53 housings in Lille.

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Following the proposed collaborative working methods, human values and the enthusiasm instilled by Olivier, the SIA Group teams, the residents andthe partners have collectively written their rules of life, exchanges and collaboration. 2 years later the project's success is proven. Olivier, thank you for adding your intelligence, your imagination and your humanity to this great project. »

SiaEric Alexandre - Real Estate and Communication Director SIA HABITAT

« One working day and exciting thinkingon the 5 elements. A conquered management team, today welded to face future challenges »

SingerPatrick Singer - Général Manager  SINGER

« The group 3 SI invited Olivier Bérut (and On PeutParfaire le Monde) to intervene at a seminar on developing complexity management and the intercultural.All the participantshave very positively assessed his contribution ».

ArgosynStéphane Champetier - Secretary General ARGOSYN

« I worked with Oliver a first time when I was working at Arvato in 2011 at a seminar on the cohesion of our HR team. Following the arrival of new managers within the Direxi Management Committee, I called Olivier again in 2014 to work on the same topic.

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Olivier has put together a tailor made program based on different NLP tools. His active listening, his kindness and pragmatic approach is accessible for any newcomer in this field. Olivier created a climate of confidence conducive to releasing energies and ideas. He gave us simple tools and a language in common, enablingcommunication between peers. Following the seminar, CODI has decided to provide all teams identical tools to improve the understanding of individualities and interpersonal relationships.

Today, when I explain a manager that this employee or applicant is a "do-fast" or has a strong “promotor” personality, he immediately understandswhat I mean and what it can induce on his way of working. He thus has tools to adapt his management style to each member of his team.

I have only one more thing to say about Olivier’s interventions: To consume without moderation ».

Aude Drieu - Human Resources Director DIREXI

« I called Olivier because I have an extreme confidence in his loyal intellectuality and the clarity of his words inspired by his free thinking, without a priori, without a filter. Olivier is inspired by today’s world -  far from being a sole thinker, he is a is a pioneer that one finds on crossroads.

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Only after having carefully constructed his thoughts, Olivier will calmly and clearly exchange whilst at the same time his ideas are bubbling. His statements can be passionate but never impulsive.

He is a wise man".

calserBertrand Calmein - General Manager CALSER

"We called Katalyz in 2014 to intervene for a specific need with the management committee of the factory:to construct, to formalize and to share a vision for our production site. The experience and support of Katalyz was very beneficial.

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The ambition set was reachedpluscreative teamwork and a deep questioning our reasoning, Katalyz meticulously detailed our internal way of functioning resulting in optimized meeting time and especially everybody’s agenda.

Finally, one of the points highlighted by Olivier during our question/answer meeting was the Katalyz effect. The effect is to create changesand being able to fade away once the mission is completed".

DECATHLON (Copier)Nicolas Ochem - Site Director DECATHLON

" I asked Olivier to intervene several times in 2013 when I was HR Manager for the Prospérité Fermière / Ingredia group. He worked with the Executive Committee and the CEO.

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His interventions were always of excellent quality and filled with an extreme human approach. I am now HRD of the SIA group and wish towork with him again ".

SiaCapucine Naepels - Human Resources Director Groupe SIA

" Une intervention de haute volée d’Olivier, pour la convention des cadres de l’entreprise, qui nous a amené dans un ailleurs qui a enthousiasmé les participants. "

FuretDuNordPierre Coursières - Président Furet du Nord