Olivier Berut

The Business, Research and Art world in one career :

Olivier Berut

Olivier Berut founded in 2010 the consulting firm On Peut Parfaire le Monde. Consultant, speaker, trainer or mediator, Olivier accompanies management teams with strong convictions about man’s position within the company. His Leitmotiv :

« If we allow being said that there is no solution, it is because we forgot humanity and human’s ability to create reality ».

Hard sciences and soft sciences :

Olivier graduated a third cycle in Mathematics and Physics at the Ecole Centrale de Paris, and has added the following trainings :

  • Psychology and Creativity, State University of Buffalo, NY, USA,
  • Theatre and Music, student of Eric Podor
  • Theology, Catholic University of Lille
  • Transactional Analysis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Ericksonian Hypnosis: Olivier is a master practitioner and didactician, trained in New York.

The world of business

His entrepreneurial spirit started within the business world. He worked for several international companies (3 Suisses International, Group ID). For 12 years, Olivier has managed companies in different countries - China, Spain, Belgium and France – where he conducted teams from 8 to 2000 employees to share the same ambition.


The world science

Expert in the science of complexity and innovation, Olivier is also a research professor. He regularly lectures as associated professor at major schools (Central School, EDHEC, ENSAIT, HEC, ICAM, ITEEM, State University of Buffalo, USA) and works with a team of economists from the University of Lille 1 on the theme“Organizations and Sustainable Development”..


The world art

Art is Olivier’s third world in his career. He practices poetry, photography and directing. He is also an author-songwriter and singer with four albums edited.

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Choisir l'espoir

The presentation of Olivier would be incomplete by not mentioning his 30 years as voluntary for the association Choisir l’Espoir at the children’s palliative care department.