Mathieu Frackowiak

The career of an entrepreneurial spirit :

Mathieu Frackowiak

Mathieu Frackowiak joined On Peut Parfaire le Monde in 2012. Doctor in Philosophy from the University of Paris IV and qualified lecturer, Mathieu began his career in education.

He then started working for the CNRS where he is a researcher in both France and Ireland.

The path of Mathieu illustrates one of the beliefs of On Peut Parfaire le Monde : man is a creator of possibilities. A philosopher to accompany managers and operational teams ? The approach is bold and innovative. Mathieu’s achievements show a successful result of two different worlds meeting each other.


Philosophy helps to think things through, Mathieu helps to set them in motion :


Meaning, alterity, truth, ethics, these philosophical concepts and many others are a part of the corporate world. Here we speak of "making sense», "diversity», "ethical practices" and "values" ... Mathieu helps managers to act and react according to these concepts to serve the collective group and anenviable business.


Consultant, speaker and trainer, Mathieu is an expert on the following topics :

  • Group Intelligence
  • Gender equality
  • Intercultural and multicultural
  • Feminism
  • History of Psychology


Mathieu combines his career at On Peut Parfaire le Monde with being an independent researcher and writer.