Our areas of intervention

On Peut Parfaire Le Monde is a consulting company for entrepreneurs and managers.

Its partners help managers and their teams to develop unique solutions for the  company's long term development  and its re-enchantment. They apply proven methods to achieve the jointly set goals and the evolution wished for.


On Peut Parfaire Le Monde operates in four main areas :


    Working on a vision is defining a collective adventure on which the manager wants to take the shareholders, the employees, the customers and the partners. The topics addressed are :

    • Complexity management,
    • The manager’s ability finding the right balance between all stakeholder’s responsibilities,
    • Defining individual social, corporate, environmental and entrepreneurial (RSSEE) responsibilities ,
    • transition from vision to action.


  • Créativité

    An entrepreneur is creative, if not, one would not be an entrepreneur. Creativity leads the way to innovation in order to plan the company’s future. The skills of the company express themselves on the following themes :

    • The culture of innovation,
    • The implementation of innovative solutions,
    • The playful, tested methods of creativity,
    • Creativity to solve paradoxes.



    Between silo management that’s tearing apart the internal and the utopia of”free enterprise for all” there are other more functional modes based on group intelligence. On Peut Parfaire le Monde is an expert onthese topics :

    • Collective intelligence, must be built,
    • Co-working, to what extent ?
    • The positive impact of cooperation on the profitability ,
    • The changing role of the manager.


  • Interculturel 2

    Cultural differences affect working relations. And not all of it is socio-cultural. When a "collaborative" profile works with a "production" profile, the need for mediation may soon be felt. On Peut Parfaire le Mondehelps managers decrypt these situations and opens thus the way for their resolution. On this theme :  

    • The representations and stereotypes,
    • To reconcile rather that to oppose,
    • The external mediator, a certified competence.


To what do you commit starting a mission ?

Olivier Bérut - Founder and Partner

" Whichever way we intervene, with a conference or with a guidance of several weeks, our commitment is to provoke a reaction to accelerate action. As does a catalyst in chemistry. We want these co-produced actions to be concrete, remarkable and above all, sincere to our clients. "

How are your beliefs structured ?

Mathieu Frackowiak - Partner

" We consider company  as being alive and not just as a machine: a problem is never solved by changing the room! Our approachwill be a new path. We are strong believers for "direction" for collective and individual actions and an outdated word : joy. "