The project

On Peut Parfaire Le Monde, these five words describe the entire ambition of a project based on three intentions : consultancy

⇒ Re-enchanting the world :

The today’s world is distraught. We live with an everyday pessimism; to eat or to be eaten. Re-enchanting the world is enabling the individual or the group to regain composure, confidence and energy to move forward, to dare to take concrete action, voluntary, ethical and ... cheeky !

⇒ Rediscovering the human ability to create reality :

Determinism and fatalism made us forget that man is a creator of possibilities. The human being can find "the road that does not seems to exist" in order to resolve paradoxes and to innovate. To be able to do so man has to overcome external dogma’s and free his energyto see a constraint as a starting point.

⇒ Bringing together the business, research and art world :

Entrepreneurs, scientists and artists, all arelooking for solutions for their changing world. Research for the first, truth for the secondand beautiful for the latter, the cooperation of these three changings worlds will permit to create new possibilities.


On Peut Parfaire Le Monde is based on values fully shared by his two associates Olivier Bérut and Mathieu Frackowiak :

  • Optimism, they fully believe in man’s talent to create whilst considering his strategy and willingness to act.,
  • Humility, the solution is not held by a single person, it is a result of exchange, sharing and partnerships.,
  • Their radicality by refusing to leave the future in the hands of bleak and obscure news bearers.

On Peut Parfaire Le Monde realizes its ambitious paradigm in four areas :


  • Business Consultancy : On Peut Parfaire Le Monde assists managers and their teams to work outunique solutions for the development of the company and its re-enchantment. The support implies a vison on a joint adventure, innovation processes, strategy or managing complexity.
  • Art Consultancy : We share our expertise on a creational level as well as a literary and a “mise en scène” level of the project. We accompany and we guide the artists, the person in charge from the beginning to the end of the process to ensure a beautiful and successful operation.
  • Research and Lecturing : Olivier Bérut is research professor at major French and International schools. He also works with the economists of the University of Lille 1 and the International Research Network on Organizations and Sustainable Development (RIODD). Mathieu Frackowiak is a doctorate in philosophy and an independent researcher.
  • Edition : On Peut Parfaire Le Monde created its own publishing house. Proposing works expressing its values. Essays, testimonials, novels, any genre published by authors who have in common to propose a different look at the good or the truth to serve the group.